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Anthony Preston



Technical Sergeant (Ret.) Anthony Preston is a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He enlisted in 1982 as a security police entry controller. His career took him around the world to Indian Springs Air Base, Nevada, George Air Force Base, California and Germany. His most memorable moments to date while serving in the military was his award as a Security Forces Airman of the year and being able to give back to his country. Throughout his career and travels, basketball and softball were always two of his favorite pastimes. His love for basketball led him to become the coach of the U.S. Air Force men’s basketball team. His passion for sport unfortunately ended his law enforcement career when a softball accident damaged his eye. He then restrained and became the unit training manager for the 388th Maintenance Operations Squadron.

Preston now works as a civilian unit training manager and acquisition development management analyst at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. To keep his sporting spirit alive, he referee’s for a little league softball team in his community. While he has retired from the Air Force, Preston still serves his country by helping train today’s Airmen to fight today … and tomorrow.