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Teresa Doskey



Senior Airman (Sep.) Teresa Doskey served in the Air Force for four years as a finance specialist. She was stationed at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi and also Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. Doskey deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Third Country National (TCN) escort. An escort’s job is to monitor workers and provide security. It was during this deployment in Kirkuk, Iraq, that she met her future husband and fellow Airman, Devin. Teresa later made the decision to separate from the service in order to start a family. While in the Air Force, she became focused on fitness, ultimately training for a half-marathon. She was a Physical Training Leader (PTL) and it’s one of her greatest accomplishments while in the service. Today she still holds herself to the same high standards.

“The Air Force has impacted my life in so many way,” Doskey said. “I have a keen attention to detail, and I’m more direct. Being a veteran makes me feel like I’m part of something, and I definitely miss the camaraderie.” She plan on returning to the Air Force as an officer in the near future.