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Jennifer Stone

Senior Airman (Sep.) Jennifer Stone separated from the Air Force after being shot in a drive-by shooting while on leave. The bullet tore into her arm, ripping through her chest and devastating major organs.  

After multiple surgeries and months of recuperation later, Stone returned to duty and deployed, but suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Once she returned home and attended months of counseling, Jennifer was introduced to the DOD Warrior Games, a 10-day sports competition that pits the nation's best Paralympic-style military athletes against each other. Stone wrestled with participating in the Warrior Games because of her PSTD, while many of her fellow competitors participated as combat amputees.

During training, she realized her teammates treated her the same way as anyone else and that's when she was able to perform at her highest levels.

Stone now competes in Cycling, Shooting, Swimming, Sitting Volleyball, Track and Field, Wheelchair Basketball and the Ultimate Warrior competition.  Even though she knows she isn't serving as an Active Duty Air Force Airman, every time Stone puts on her Air Force athletic uniform, she strives to represent the Air Force Core Values: Integrity, Service and Excellence