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John Yurcaba

Senior Airman (Sep.) John Yurcaba entered the Air Force in March 2010 to join his family’s long tradition of serving in the military. He served as a combat broadcaster journalist at the 1st Combat Camera Squadron, Charleston Air Force Base, S.C., until March 2014.

During his time in the service, Yurcaba captured video documentation for historical and operational purposes of Air Force, joint-service and combined missions and training. He said he is thankful for having the privilege of being part of “one of the most creative career fields in the Air Force” and being able to tell the stories of those who served alongside him.

He was able to use his artistic talent during his service to create a fictional comic book called “Finch.” The comic book became a staple in the local area’s art scene.

Since his separation, Yurcaba moved to Los Angeles, Calif., and continues to focus on his wife, Michelle, his future and career in art and illustration.