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Gary Shaw

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gary Shaw is a 35 year USAF veteran who served in Operation LINEBACKER II during the Vietnam War as a Bomb Loader.

Shaw’s most memorable moment came as a result of his accomplishment in rising through the ranks from an Enlisted Airman to a Commissioned Officer. “I worked pretty hard to become an officer.  One of my greatest days was the day I was commissioned, my wife was there, my previous squadron commander came,” said Shaw. “The Air Force instilled integrity in me and living up to those core values has made a big difference in my life.  I honor them up until today,” said Shaw.  “The Air Force to me, means being professional and having a purpose. It means everything to me and especially to my dad who was a Soldier in the Army,” explained an emotional Shaw.

Shaw is currently a Deputy Director at the Maintenance Support Group at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.