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Edward Jolly

Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) Edward Jolly is a 30 year Air Force veteran who served as a Cryptographic Specialist during the Vietnam War. He enlisted in 1954 and retired in 1984.  Jolly encoded messages using the encryption and decryption machine, SIGABA (Air Force designation was GORGON), the vintage cryptographic workhorse of the time.  The Electronic Cipher Machine (ECM) Mark II/SIGABA was an electromechanical, rotor-based cipher machine that used rotating, wired, removable and interchangeable rotor wheels.  During World War II, the Germans were never able to break SIGABA codes and the Japanese simply gave up, due to their complicated, seemingly random nature of the stepping.  The SIGABA codes were never broken during their service lifetime and no machines were ever captured by the enemy.

Mr. Edward Jolly is currently assigned to the Air Force Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance Agency, A6 Directorate, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.