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Hector Martinez

Hector Martinez, a 4 year USAF veteran served in the Vietnam War from 1970 to 1974 as an aerial porter.  
In 1972, Airman Martinez and some Airmen were heard by their Officer-in-Charge speaking a variation of Spanish, known as Caló, Chicano, Pachuco or Tejano.  This sparked an idea in the OIC. Martinez and his crew were directed to use their language to prevent the Vietcong from eaves dropping on his company’s radio calls.  Martinez prides himself on the many lives they saved by using the language they grew up with in Texas.  
He is also proud of being part of technology milestones that dropped BLU-82B/C-130 Daisy Cutters, huge bombs that blew away jungle so helicopters could make rescue landings. He also utilized airdropped sensors that picked up enemy movements. 
Martinez is currently 100% disabled but he keeps busy with his wife Linda and dog Gigi in San Antonio, Texas.