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Richard Armstrong

Sergeant (Separated) Richard Armstrong served for 10 years as an F-16 Jet Simulator Specialist. “My most memorable moment in the Air Force was while I was stationed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during Operation DESERT STORM.   We were working 12-hour shifts taking turns sleeping under the desk. Then we heard the air warnings.  Scud missiles were launched on us, we took evasive action and donned our chemical gear.  It was quite the experience.”  It made me think about what life for my family would be like without me,” said Armstrong.  Armstrong says that the Air Force helped him grow up really fast.  “I enjoyed the military and I miss the camaraderie.  There is nothing like it in the civilian world.  My advice to other Airmen is to stay strong in your commitment to the service.  I enjoyed being in the military.”  He is currently an active member with the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  “I wish more people would recognize veterans and honor their service, “ said Armstrong.

Armstong works as a Support Supportability Specialist for the Defense Logistics Agency at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.