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  • Robert Willbanks

    Senior Master Sergeant (Ret.) Robert Willbanks is a 24 year Air Force veteran who served as a Hydraulics Mechanic and Aerospace Systems supervisor. He enlisted in 1961, was involved in combat mission during the Vietnam War and retired in 1985. Willbanks feels strongly that the Air Force has so much to offer. “There are so many variables that you
  • Brian Jones

    Master Sgt. (Ret.) Brian Jones is an Air Force veteran who served 22 years in the supply and public affairs career fields as an Inventory Management Specialist. His favorite assignment was a temporary duty assignment to the Saudi Arabian embassy. He enjoyed working in a joint environment where he experienced interaction with new cultures. During
  • Richard Waring

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Richard Waring was a B-17 navigator who flew more than 35 successful bombing missions over Germany in World War II. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps in February 1943, at the age of 20. After attending pre-flight, gunner and navigator school, Waring commissioned in 1944 as an aerial navigator. He served under the 487th
  • Leo Thorsness

    Colonel (Ret.) Leo K. Thorsness flew 92 Republic F-105F Wild Weasel missions and was awarded America’s highest military decoration before he was shot down and taken prisoner in North Vietnam. In 1966, the air war in Southeast Asia took on a new dimension as the Soviet Union supplied the North Vietnamese with surface-to-air missiles (SAM). In
  • Gwen Sheppard

    Captain (Ret.) Gwen Sheppard is a two-time Warrior Games athlete, competing in archery, sitting volleyball and shooting. Her 27-year military career began at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1981 and later included stints with the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and Nave Seabees. She first injured her shoulder during physical training at the
  • Edward Saylor

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Edward Saylor joined the Army Air Corps in 1939. Following training, Saylor served as a flight engineer for the Doolittle Raiders. In February 1942, while assigned to the 89th Bomb Squadron in Columbia, South Carolina, he volunteered for a Top Secret mission, not knowing what it entailed. Saylor and the other volunteers
  • Louis Roffman

    Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) Louis Roffman enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1936, ultimately serving in the military for more than 31 years. Roffman was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and later fought in the Battle of Midway. He was a flight engineer on B-17 bombers with the 31st Bomb Squadron. He was later stationed in Darwin, Australia, where he was
  • Ralph Parr

    Colonel (Ret.) Ralph Parr began his career as part of the Army Air Force in 1942. He is the only American pilot to receive both the Distinguished Service Cross and the Air Force Cross. During World War II, he flew the P-38 Lightning in the Philippines, and he was an F-86 pilot during the Korean War. In May 1953, Parr achieved ace status with five
  • John Mulzac

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) John Mulzac began his career in 1942 as one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. Joining at the age of 19, Mulzac spent the next 41 years piloting various aircraft. He served in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. Early in his pilot training while flying solo above Birmingham, Alabama, he turned the plane over and was
  • James McCoy

    Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (Ret.) James McCoy was the sixth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force – the highest noncommissioned officer (NCO) position in the service. During the Taiwan crisis of August 1958, he was instrumental in establishing and operating the wing command post, which coordinated all Composite Air Strike Force