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  • Terry William Cook

    Chief Master Sgt. (Ret.) Terry William Cook enlisted in the Air Force in 1972 and retired in 2002. After basic training he trained as a weapons mechanic and worked on the F-4, B-52, F-15, and A-10 aircraft. In 1984 he became a first sergeant and in 1997 he was selected to be the 20th Air Force’s command chief. Maintaining a tie to the military he
  • Craig Bergman

    Chief Master Sgt. (Ret.) Craig Bergman joined the Air Force in 1970, and after a short break in service from active duty, Bergman joined the Air Force Reserve as part the 302nd Special Operations Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. It was there he discovered helicopters – he was hooked. As a career helicopter maintainer, Bergman’s passion for
  • James Barr

    Col. (Ret.) James Barr joined the Air Force in October 1983 and retired in January 2009. He was a pilot of the C-141, C-17 and Air Force 2, whose passengers included Vice President Al Gore and Secretary of State Warren Christopher. Over his career, Barr logged 4,750 flying hours as a command pilot. Barr deployed with a 31-aircraft formation to
  • Dick Uyehara

    First Lieutenant (Ret.) Dick Uyehara is a five year Air Force veteran who served at Pusan Air Base during the Korean War. He was a navigator in the A-26 bomber. Uyehara remembers flying on moonlit nights deep into North Korea at 300 to 500 feet off the treetops. “It was so low anti-aircraft fire came down from ridgelines," said Uyehara. He recalled
  • Charles Tupper

    Colonel (Ret.) Charles Tupper is a 39 year Air Force veteran who served on active duty and the Air National Guard as an enlisted member and later a commissioned officer.  He enlisted in 1970 as a KC-135A Crew Chief at Pearse Air Force Base, N.H., and went on to become a commissioned nurse serving in clinical, flight, and headquarters positions. 
  • Shane Thomas

    Master Sergeant (Ret.) Shane Thomas is a 20 year Air Force veteran who served in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM as a paralegal. During Thomas’ first deployment in support of IRAQI FREEDOM, he was instrumental in establishing the new Iraqi court system.  “It was a real awesome experience to be a part of history,” said Thomas. In his
  • Gary Shaw

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gary Shaw is a 35 year USAF veteran who served in Operation LINEBACKER II during the Vietnam War as a Bomb Loader.Shaw’s most memorable moment came as a result of his accomplishment in rising through the ranks from an Enlisted Airman to a Commissioned Officer. “I worked pretty hard to become an officer.  One of my greatest
  • Chuck Yeager

    Major General (Ret.) Chuck Yeager is famous for being the first pilot to exceed the speed of Mach 1.  In 1976, he was awarded a Congressional Silver Medal in recognition of having broken the sound barrier in the experimental aircraft Bell X1 in 1947. Yeager enlisted as a Private in the Army Air Forces in 1941 and became an aircraft mechanic. He
  • Thomas Risher

    Senior Master Sergeant (Ret.) Thomas Risher is a 22 year Air Force veteran who served as an Aircraft Superintendent, a Fuels Supervisor and a Postal Specialist. Risher entered active duty on the 26th of October, 1968. As a Postal Specialist, he worked with the Air Force Inspector General in Europe conducting postal inspections at various overseas
  • Jennifer Miranda

    Senior Airman (Ret.) Jennifer P. Miranda is a four year Air Force 4 year Air Force veteran who served as an Assistant Dedicated Crew Chief on the F-16CG block 40 Fighting Falcon. She was medically retired 22 July, 2008, for injuries sustained in Balad Air Base, Iraq in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. She believes that the Air Force provided her