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Nicole Mickle

Staff Sgt. (Sep.) Nicole Mickle, joined the Air Force in 2005 right after high school to get a job in the medical career field. However, once she arrived to basic training, she was told she would become a photographer. During her eight-year career in the Air Force, the former staff sergeant was stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, Lackland AFB Texas, and Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina. Her duties ranged from taking autopsy photos to documenting overseas operations. It was during her time at Charleston she said she had her most memorable experience in the Air Force. “It was the best job ever, with a five-day trip to Europe to cover a plane crash from World War II in the Alps,” Mickle said. “Being able to see the love from people from a foreign country to all the members of the Air Force that came with us [was a good feeling].” After eight years she decided to settle down in Charleston and concentrate on raising her family. Now she’s creating moments as a wedding and commercial photographer. “I wake up many days missing the Air Force and am thankful [it] made me resilient,” Mickle said.