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Michael Moriatis

(Sep.) Michael Moriatis served in the Air Force from 1989 until 1995 and finished his career with the U.S. Navy Reserve in 2009. He joined the Air Force as an Imagery Production Specialist working with reconnaissance long-roll imagery on the C-130 and U-2 aircraft. He transitioned into the Navy as a Photographers Mate and was able to transfer his skills from the Air Force into the Navy. The Navy increased his training and photography skills and he was awarded the 2006 Navy Reserve Photographer of the Year. He currently works as a unit stills or set photographer in the film industry. He creates production stills and behind the scenes work for feature films and “straight to DVD” movies. “My experience as a photographer in the Air Force and the Navy greatly shaped who I am today as a photographer and for that I am forever grateful,” he said. “Joining the military isn’t for everybody, but the people who are committed to it and give the time, they can learn life skills that will help them if they decide to stay in the service or get out after four years.”