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Ryan Milliken

Staff Sgt. (Sep.) Ryan Milliken grew up racing. In fact, one could say it’s in his blood. His father raced motocross and drag raced cars when Milliken was a child. But it is not just his family legacy that has influenced his career as a successful racer and business owner. Milliken served in the Air Force as an explosive ordnance disposal technician from 2004 to 2012. “When I was EOD, we were considered adrenaline junkies, and [drag racing] is about as close to an adrenaline rush as we can get.” It’s not just the thrill of the race that carried over from Milliken’s time in the Air Force. “If I have an IED (improvised explosive device) or a bomb in front of me, in order for me to know how to take it apart, I have to know how to put it together,” said Milliken. “I need to be able to look at something and know how and why it works in order to defeat it.” Milliken uses that same tactic when fine tuning his custom racing vehicles. “I have to know why it’s doing what its doing. Otherwise, I’m throwing a dart at a board, blind.”