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  • Gregory D. Passig

    Gregory D. Passig is the Director of Business Operations, 52nd Contracting Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. He coordinates the activities of the squadron, providing construction, service and supply contracting support to the 52nd Fighter Wing, tenant units, and multiple geographically-separated units across five countries. Passig,
  • George Price

    George Price served more than 26 years in the Air Force before retiring in August 1976. During his career Price received a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal and numerous other campaign awards. After retiring as a senior master sergeant, Price began working as the American Youth Activities director at
  • Robert “Bo” Brown

    Robert “Bo” Brown joined the Air Force in 1971 to be a mechanic; little did he know by the end of his career he’d be making history as part of the Presidential Airlift Group. Brown started his career in aircraft maintenance at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, working on the KC-135 for eight years. His drive and unassuming attitude
  • Bruce Sturk

    Bruce Sturk is a 26-year veteran, who commissioned in 1980 and served as an air battle manager. Upon his retirement in 2006 as a colonel, Sturk aspired to continue serving. He currently works as the Federal Facilities Support director and is a member of the city of Hampton, Virginia, Executive Management Team. He is also a member of the Military
  • Beth Yandow

    Beth Yandow joined the Air Force in July 1984 when she was 17 years old. She joined on a dare from her brothers after she suggested one of them enlist in the Army. She trained as a linguist and was stationed in Athens, Greece, where she served her first two years performing ground duties in a combat flying unit, an unusual assignment for a woman at
  • Paul W. Dunning

    Paul W. Dunning received his draft notice in October 1968 and had full intentions of joining the Marine Corps. However, upon registration, he was persuaded by a recruiter to join the Air Force where he began his military career as a tactical aircraft maintenance specialist. In 1972 he volunteered for a tour in Thailand where he crewed the F-4D
  • John Marusiak Jr

    John Marusiak Jr’s passion for aviation ignited after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941. At age 24, Marusiak stepped forward to serve his country like so many young men of his era during World War II. He enlisted into the Army Air Corps as a pilot and attended training at Luke Field, now known as Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. During World
  • Willie Ford

    Willie Ford joined the Air Force in December 1991 when his small hometown in South Carolina couldn’t provide him the career opportunities he sought. Ford began his career working in vehicle operations, but later crossed trained and became a professional military education instructor. “It helped build character, it gave me a lot of confidence in
  • Charles E. Milam

    Charles E. Milam was brought up on a large farm in Moultrie, Georgia, and was one of the leading rushers for Moultrie High School’s varsity football team. He held the 100-yard run record for the state for several years. “I planned on going to Florida State University to play football,” Milam said. “But my friend needed a ride to the Air Force
  • Thomas Fagan

    Thomas Fagan, a self-proclaimed stickball player from New York, joined the Air Force at the height of the Vietnam War and served as a missileer at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, in 1968. In an unfamiliar location and a different career field than he expected, he initially questioned whether the Air Force was a good fit. However, he soon