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Robert Stillwell

Senior Master Sgt. (Ret.) Robert Stillwell joined the Air Force in 1968 during the Vietnam War instead of waiting to be drafted, and served as a member of the security police. After three-and-a-half years as a security policeman, Stillwell was given a chance to pursue his childhood dream of being an illustrator. "I knew my whole life that I wanted to be an illustrator," he said. "When I got the opportunity, I jumped on it." After cross training, Stillwell was stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and worked with a team of civilians who had previously been illustrators and artists for Disney, designers for Hollywood movie posters and one who made sculptures for the Air Force Academy. A few years ago, Stillwell was asked to do drawings of two Medal of Honor recipients to be presented as dedications for buildings named after them. "I pretty much do everything when it comes to illustration or graphics," he said.  "Whenever I get an opportunity to do art, I will, whether it's on or off work." Stillwell currently works as a visual information specialist at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana.