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Jeremy Lock

Master Sergeant (Ret.) Jeremy Lock served as an Air Force photojournalist for more than 20 years, traveling to more than 50 countries on six continents and providing the Air Force with mission critical combat imagery. Lock started his career as a film processor. He attended the Department of Defense Worldwide Military Photographers Workshop in 1999, then was later selected to attend the Military Photojournalist Training program held at Syracuse University. After graduation, Lock was assigned to the 1st Combat Camera Squadron at Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina, where his passion for photography began to take shape. As a combat photographer, Lock learned how to be an asset while collecting military imagery on the battlefield, ultimately receiving a Bronze Star Medal for his actions. During his career, Lock pushed the boundaries of how the military told visual stories. He was recognized as the Military Photographer of the Year seven times, a record that stands to this day. His photos were featured in numerous publications, including National Geographic and the New York Times. Since retiring, Lock works as a freelance photographer in Dallas. He continues to give back to the photography community, heading the Department of Defense Photographers Workshop and Visual Information Awards Program, the very same events that helped him realize his passion more than two decades ago, bringing his career full circle.