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Peter Karpawitz-Godt

Senior Master Sergeant (Ret.) Peter Karpawitz-Godt was raised the son of a police officer in the midst of World War II in Germany. After WWII, Karpawitz-Godt moved to America so he could enroll in college. In March of 1956, at the age 27, he became an Airman in the U.S. Air Force. After training to be a supply Airman, he was stationed with the 48th Fighter Bomber Wing in France. Throughout his Air Force career, Karpawitz-Godt and his wife moved around the world; eventually ending back in his home country. While serving in Germany, he found out it was his turn to go to war. Karpawitz-Godt was sent to support the Vietnam War where he was responsible for ensuring all aircraft in the Southeast Asia theater were equipped with all necessary supplies. After serving in Vietnam, Karpawitz-Godt was transferred back to Ramstein in 1974 where he retired 10 years later on the flightline. Even after his retirement, he continues to work for the Air Force as a clothing issue management clerk. Being in and around the military for more than 50 years, earning two Bronze Stars, a U.S. citizenship and much more, the passionate Vietnam veteran enjoys mentoring today's Airmen.