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Louis Roffman

Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) Louis Roffman enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1936, ultimately serving in the military for more than 31 years. Roffman was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and later fought in the Battle of Midway. He was a flight engineer on B-17 bombers with the 31st Bomb Squadron. He was later stationed in Darwin, Australia, where he was wounded during a bombing mission. With the pilot killed and co-pilot severely wounded, Roffman was forced to land the plane. As a result of his heroic actions, he received a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross. After World War II, Roffman was stationed in Japan during the Korean War, then later served the military air attaches in embassies in Africa, Egypt, Holland and Denmark.

After retiring from the military, Roffman participated for many years in the Martin Luther King High School Remembers Programs for Veterans where he was able to share his military experiences with high school students. He also faithfully attends reunions every year to reconnect with fellow veterans and their families.