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Sunny Anderson



Senior Airman (Sep.) Sunny Anderson is a five year Air Force veteran who served as an award-winning radio and television broadcaster. She was first a radio host in Seoul, South Korea, and later she worked for the Joint Hometown News Service in San Antonio, Texas, traveling the globe to film holiday greetings for service members stationed overseas. “I see those videos and I say, ‘Wow, I was part of that and it’s still doing its thing,” she said. “Now I see how important those videos are for so many people. It seems like such a small thing, but to a lot of people it means a whole lot.”

After separating in 1997, Sunny worked as a Radio DJ in New Orleans, LA; Montgomery, AL; Detroit, MI and finally New York, NY. She found her calling after being a guest on “Emeril Live.” After several years and a lot of persistence, she began working at the Food Network in 2007. Today Sunny is the host of, “Cooking For Real” and also hosted, “How’d That Get On My Plate.”

“You know, you learn a lot of intangibles in the military, things like duty, honor, integrity and confidence,” she said. “I’ve taken these with me throughout my life and they’ve helped me get where I am today."