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Bruce Sturk

Bruce Sturk is a 26-year veteran, who commissioned in 1980 and served as an air battle manager. Upon his retirement in 2006 as a colonel, Sturk aspired to continue serving. He currently works as the Federal Facilities Support director and is a member of the city of Hampton, Virginia, Executive Management Team. He is also a member of the Military Affairs Committee and is the president of the Langley Civic Leaders Association. Sturk has played an important role in implementing the Welcome Home to Hampton program, which is designed to help Airmen establish new friendships in the local community, and said he cherishes his chance to give back to Airmen. “I get motivated when I see Airmen, because I see where I was over 30 years ago when I stepped into uniform as a young lieutenant,” he said. “Airmen are America’s most valued treasure, and if I can do one little thing to make them happier and say ‘Thanks for your service,’ I’ll do that till my last breath.” The program has been around for two years and will continue to be the focus of Sturk’s volunteer efforts throughout his post-military career.