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James Stuart

Master Sgt. James Stuart

Master Sgt. (Ret.) James Stuart

Master Sgt. (Ret.) James Stuart spent 20 years in the Air Force from February 1961 to November 1981. After basic military training, Stuart went to technical school to become a ground communications radio technician. During his career Stuart served two tours in Vietnam at Bien Hoa Air Base. There, Stuart worked on the communications systems of helicopters that were used by tactical air control party Airmen. After retiring from the Air Force, Stuart worked with the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in San Marcos, Texas. In his time as commander of the VFW post, Stuart helped shape the future of kids who grew up in the post. "Two kids were always around the post and I always talked with them about joining the Air Force," Stuart said. "A couple years back they joined the Air Force and I was able to make the trip to see them graduate BMT. It made me so proud to see those two join and succeed, and I would do it all over again just to be a part of the Air Force."