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James “Quin” Forman

James “Quin” Forman enlisted as a private in the Army Air Corps at Ft. Logan, Colorado, in 1940 and served 14 years.  He hoped that by voluntarily enlisting, he’d have more control over his military career than if he was drafted.  Due to his interest in art, he was sent to attend the photography school at Lowry Field. Within one year he became an instructor and trained recruits on camera maintenance and usage.  Following his role as an instructor in 1943, he was given the opportunity to commission by attending the Photo Lab Commander Course at Yale University.  Just one year later, he joined the 9th Photo Reconnaissance Detachment as a photo interpretation officer along the Ledo Road in Tinkawk Sakan, Burma.  Forman’s unit’s responsibilities were to rapidly process, interpret and write reports to various combat headquarters about Japanese airfield activity in Burma. Upon his discharge at the end of WWII, Forman went into the Air Force Reserve. Four years later, Forman was recalled to active status at the start of the Korean War.  He was assigned to Air Force Headquarters in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and used 35mm film to make reports on strategic bomb runs on selected targets. In 1954, he separated as a major and transitioned to the civilian sector to be with his family.  

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